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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

or Sale Sony M600i for Rs.5500

For Sale Sony M600i for Rs.5500 one year old , immaculate condition. Review Well, you\'ve made it, almost there. After using the M600 for several weeks I have to say I am extremely impressed. So much so that my P910i was shelved after just 2 days. The key aspects for me are the ease of use and the aesthetics of the phone, both in terms of hardware and software. The user interface is smooth and just looks great, the screen is outstanding, though smaller than my P910 it makes up for it in clarity and resolution so it is a more usable space with more on it. The hardware is well made and feels sturdy. I have to say I was apprehensive about the loss of the 5-way jog-dial and the novel QWERTY keyboard, but my concerns appear unfounded, it is an intuitive hardware layout with little that I can complain about (save the lack of definition on the back key). It is small and compact, a true luxury for someone who has used a smartphone for any period of time and has; a) had to put up with carrying a large and chunky device; and b) had to defend this fact to all those Moto RAZR touting friends and colleagues. Sure, the firmware has seen some development in the short time I have had it, but this is only a good thing in my book, and with the ease of self-service firmware upgrades via Sony Ericsson Update Service you can\'t complain, given this is a brand new platform and hardware setup.

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