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Monday, February 11, 2008

Air Purifier - Ionizer Demo

What is an ionizer and how it can help you? Breathe Healthier Air Did you know that in big cities breathing is actually dangerous? Nature designed us to breadth air rich in negative ions. But what we breadth in cities is air with a very low negative ion content, and full of dust particles. Here�s now how you can breadth healthier air. What are negative ions and where are they found? Air in free natural surrounding like water falls, mountains and sea sides contain millions of small invisible particles called negative ions. The lack of these ions cause stress, headaches frequent colds and a general feeling of restlessness. air that is rich in negative ions have a beneficial effect on human health, both mental and physical ionized air is found near water falls, rushing streams and mountainous areas. That is why health spas have always been located in such areas.

More : http://www.adhysteria.com/video.php?vdid=481


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